Consolidated Properties Group supports LGBTIQ QLD Youth through Open Doors

Open Doors is an advocacy and support services provider to lesbian, gay, bisexual, asexual and/or transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) people and their families in South-East Queensland. Open Doors also provides youth services for ages 12 to 24 under the Jelly Beans program which offers a social support group specifically for transgender, gender variant, gender queer young people, and those questioning their gender identity.

The Jelly Beans program was facing closure due to a peak in the number of people accessing the service and an inability to cope with the growing demand. This meant Open Doors staff were increasingly unable to meet the specific and complex support needs of the community’s youth. 

Consolidated Properties thanks Hon. Grace Grace for connecting it with Open Doors to make this support possible. The donation will keep Open Door’s youth services, Jelly Beans, running for an additional three months from time of donation.

The following data highlights the important and complex issues Open Doors responds to through the Jelly Beans Program. Data was collated via 69 clients who joined the service in 2016:

  • 30% have had thoughts of suicide
  • 14% have attempted suicide in 2016
  • 25% have engaged in self harming behaviours
  • 9% have engaged in drug and alcohol misuse
  • 36% suffer from depression
  • 31% suffer from anxiety 
  • 3 tragic suicides occurred in the last 12-18 months.

Get involved!
Open Doors are running a Give Now drive to save Jelly Beans:

For further information, see

Donation: $5,000