Beyond Blue

Here is a little bit of info about why Will Colenso is trying to ride his bicycle across Europe:

Depression and anxiety affects about 3 million Australians every year. That’s a lot of people. Chances are you probably know someone that has suffered from or is suffering from one of these illnesses. People that struggle with depression and anxiety face struggles everyday and both illnesses make things we take for granted extremely difficult.

So rather than fly/train or drive across Europe Will is going to try and cross it powered only by his spindly-skinny legs in an attempt to make him appreciate the distance a little more. Will’s hope is that the ride might help start a conversation about mental health in Australia and give people the confidence to prioritize their mental health and well being.

Beyond Blue provide amazing services to people and hopefully we can raise some money to help them continue doing what they do.

Donation: $500

Will Colenso